Our Goal

Our goal is to show that healthy living does not have to be boring, hard work or expensive. We are dedicated to providing food that not only is natural and locally sourced – but also super tasty, hearty and affordable.

Our belief

Despite the health & wellbeing movement that we are currently undergoing, we believe that ‘healthy food’ is still something that a lot of people see as being inaccessible or elite.

Our mission

We are making it our mission to reverse this mindset by providing delicious and healthy alternatives without being exclusive to one particular fad or diet.

Our food

Everything we sell is homemade from scratch using fresh produce daily – from our signature organic gluten free granola to our seasonal salads and raw treats.

We spend a lot of time ensuring the quality of our ingredients and have handpicked our meat and fish suppliers with a focus on free range organic goods. This ensures that taste is always going to be at the forefront of our menu with no processed nasties sneaking in!

We buy as locally as possible. Are delicious 48 hour fermented, probiotic sourdough is supplied by The Old Post Office Bakery. Our fruit and vegatables are hand picked from the Urban Growth Gardens on site at Pop Brixton and by other independent English growers. We buy our meat from the wonderful independent butcher Jones in Herne Hill. And our dairy comes from Northiam in Tunbridge Wells.

Our Coffee

A blend of 3 different beans, our coffee is a finely tuned blend of robust and subtle flavours for the perfect balance. Key notes of nuts, honey with a floral undertones. Ethically and organically sourced from 3 independent plantations, Honduras, Brazil & Columbia.

Our farmers employ ecological balance by utilising local wildlife into their farm habitat. Farmers receive a fair wage, some living in free housing and grow our beans in organic fertiliser

Our Juices

We love fruit and veg any shape or size – and every part of them gets made the most of within our juicing cycle. Our juice menu is designed with remedy in mind – be it to energise, detoxify or cleanse.

But it doesn’t stop there – all our leftover pulp is composted down and used as fertiliser to grow more beautiful plants.

Community & Charity Projects

HomeGrown loves being part of the community and getting involved in various local projects. We are currently involved in a couple of projects. One that is ongoing is supporting the People’s Fridge helping to cut food waste. With help from the Community Investment Scheme we have also just started a fortnightly breakfast club for the wonderful charity Ebony Horse Club supporting disadvantaged children. If you are a local charity and looking for some support or would like to collaborate on ideas for us to giveback to our community please get in touch